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Taurus Horoscope 2020: Key Yearly Predictions

Venus becomes retrograde in Gemini from 13 th May. Venus becomes direct in motion from 25 th June. Venus enters water sign Cancer from 8 th August. Mars enters own other sign Aries from 29 th June. Mars becomes retrograde from 10 th September. Mars becomes direct from 14 th November. Saturn is in own sign Capricorn. From 23 rd March Saturn enters its other sign Aquarius.

From 11 th May Saturn becomes retrograde in Aquarius. From 2 nd July Saturn moving in retrograde mode again enters earth sign Capricorn.

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From 29 th September Saturn becomes direct in Capricorn. From 18 th December Saturn again enters fix nature last of air sign Aquarius. Jupiter is debilitated in Earth sign Capricorn. Jupiter becomes retrograde from 15 th May. Jupiter becomes direct from 13 th September. There is much freedom in love but also less interest.

But again, things are happening elsewhere in your life that could affect this status quo — especially for those of you who are married or involved in a serious relationship. Mars makes a highly unusual seven-month transit through the Sign of Sagittarius this year usually it moves through a Sign in two months , from February 14th to September 8th.

Thus it will spend most of the year near or conjunct to your Love Planet. For those involved in committed relationships this shows a testing of the current relationship. New revelations will come out about your beloved or about your relationship, which could shock you. There will be much passion in the relationship — both positive and negative. Love-making will be especially good, but temper tantrums, jealousy and possessiveness could also erupt. The relationship could be stressed because your partner seems very busy with work issues and seems consumed by the job.

Solid relationships, of course, will weather these things and get even better.

Taurus Horoscope & Decans Predictions by Darkstar Astrology

But the shaky ones are vulnerable. You will get new job opportunities during this time period and will also get appreciated at your workplace. Just in case you have been looking for a job and have not been able to land one so far, be patient as good things are coming your way according to the predictions of Libra Career Horoscope This is because of the presence of Saturn in your chart who is a hard task-master because of whom results get delayed but are never denied and you will get good results for your hard work and efforts.

Taurus 2020 2021 Horoscope - Gregory Scott Astrology

Your relationship with your boss will be better than before in You will experience slower progress in your career due to the presence of Saturn. The challenges at workplace will rise as well. The professional success rate will be lower than your expectations. Hence Jupiter will bless you with power and authority that you have been craving for a long time now. The purchase of a residential property or an investment in real estate should be avoided during the mid of the year as per the Libra Finance Horoscope.

Take advice from your parents or seniors before making any major financial decisions this year. Do not spend money on any electronic product till 23 rd September this year. As per the Libra Finance Horoscope , do consult your senior before investing any money in speculative activities at all. As stated by Libra Finance Horoscope, after the month of September, you can expect some major financial gains or benefits coming your way from an investment of the past. Your family will provide you financial support this year and you will be able to buy a new vehicle as well after September.

According to the Libra Finance Horoscope , due to some dispute, you may end up spending money on your home and vehicle damages. This is a good time for you financially as you will inherit parental or ancestral money along with some property gain coming your way during this period of time. You will experience an increase in your current income. There are good chances of new income sources to open up for you during this period of time as well.

The starting of the year will be a pleasurable period for the married Libra natives as stated by Libra Marriage Horoscope.

Your relationship with your spouse will improve and strengthen this year than before. As per the Libra Marriage Horoscope, this year will help you remove all the pessimistic thoughts and energy between you two and you will go traveling with your life-partner as well. During this period, you will promise your commitment to your lover. There are strong chances the plans for marriage will formulate during this period of time.

It will be a good time period for all of you who are married as you will have a peaceful and harmonious conjugal life.

Love Horoscope 2020 for 12 Zodiac Signs

According to the Libra Marriage Horoscope predictions, you have to strike a balance between your personal and professional life and find a middle ground in order to avoid anxiety from overwhelming you. As per the Libra Marriage Horoscope , your mental peace may get disturbed by the mid of the year.

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Hence, you need to try and work with patience in order to maintain the equilibrium of the situation.